Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Blacktown

Carpet Cleaning Blacktown uses the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning.This system is also known as steam cleaning.

The process involves the following :

  1. Inspect the carpeted area and appraise the job requirement.
  2. Pre-vacumm the carpet  if required removing all loose particles and debris.
  3. Pre-Spray the carpet using an  environmentally friendly cleaning solution.This will penetrate the dirt in the carpet loosening it ready for cleaning.
  4. Agitate the pre spray and dirt loosening the mixture further -ready for extraction.
  5. Extraction using a powerful machine that rinses the dirt with water which is in turn vacuumed into the machine.All dirt removed.
  6. Carpet Rinsing -A special agent is used on the carpet to neutralise all the  cleaning residue.
  7. Deodorising the carpet making it smell lovely and fresh.
  8. Carpet Protection(optional) to add an extra protective layer against those nasty spills.

carpet cleaning blacktown

Why have you carpet cleaned by Carpet Cleaning Blacktown

  • We are a professionally run carpet cleaning service in Blacktown ,NSW ,2148.
  • We have 10 million public liability insurance for your peace of mind.
  • We are punctual and ready to work
  • We are reliable -If you have an emergency we will help.
  • We don’t take short cuts-we give you a very thorough cleaning job
  • We offer you our Customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • We are friendly ,polite and respectful.


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