Lounge Cleaning Blacktown

 Lounge Cleaning Blacktown

Carpet Cleaning Blacktown are specialists in cleaning those beloved lounges and chairs .

We place great emphasis on attention to detail as we are aware that having a fresh and clean lounge is important to our customers.

Lounge Cleaning Tips

Lounges need to be cleaned on a regular basis because:

  1. It keeps them clean of dust mites and allergens that affect your families heath.
  2. Keeping them clean extends the life of the lounges and saving you money in the long run.
  3. Cleaning the lounges regularly keeps the lounges visually appealing maintaining the aesthetics of your home which is importance to most people

lounge cleaning blacktown

Lounge Cleaning Blacktown

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Lounge Cleaning Blacktown- The System

At Carpet Cleaning Blacktown we offer the most superior cleaning method for your lounges.Hot water extraction or steam cleaning is the  most effective method for cleaning your special lounge or sofa.

The method consists of the following

  1. Inspect the lounge by a Carpet Cleaning Blacktown technician.
  2. Pre-vacuum the lounge if required removing all loose debris and particles .
  3. Pre spray the lounge using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
  4. Agitate the cleaning solution and dirt using a special horse hair brush -loosen any embedded dirt.
  5. Vacuum and rinse the lounge using our power carpet cleaning machine.This will effectively wash and remove all the dirt,dust and grime off the lounge.
  6. Neutralise and deodorise -A special rinsing agent is used to neutralise any cleaning residue off the lounge and then deodorised.
  7. Protection(optional)-A  special protector is sprayed onto the lounge giving the lounge another barrier against further soiling and spills.

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