Rug Cleaning Blacktown

Rug Cleaning Blacktown

rug cleaning blacktown

Rug Cleaning Blacktown

 What is a Rug by Rug Cleaning Blacktown ?

Put simply a rug is carpet(with a pile-upper segment attached to a backing) that does not go from wall to wall.It is loose on the floor and can be moved to any location.Rugs can come in many shapes and sizes and made from many different materials.Generally speaking they are either Natural or Synthetic.

Examples of natural rugs are wool,cotton,sisal ,jute or bamboo.

Examples of Synthetic rugs are rayon,nylon,polypropylene or acrylic.

For more descriptions of the individual types of rugs go to the following link:

How to Choose a Rug-by Rug Cleaning Blacktown

  •  The fit or scale- a rug needs to fit in with the deco of the rest of your home.A small rug in front of a large sofa will not look appealing.
  • Zones-A rug can be used to separate areas of the home.This is effective in large open plan living spaces .
  • Size- There a basically 2 methods when choosing size of the rug. The contemporary look is where you buy an over sized rug and place all items of furniture on it.The other option is the traditional one where you place sofas around the rug and coffee table on top.
  • Style-Are you buying the rug for visual purposes only or durability . You need to know how much traffic will be going through the rugged area.Do you have children or pets? Does the rug get much sun? These are some simple questions that need to be answered before making the decision on style .
  • Material- what is the preferred material natural or synthetic and why?

  Getting the Rug Cleaned

  1. Inspect the rug .
  2. Pre-vacuum the rug if required removing all debris and loose particles.
  3. Pre-Spray the rug using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution.
  4. Agitate the dirt and cleaning solution loosening deep dirt .
  5. Rinsing of the rug with hot water and a rinsing agent.
  6. Vacuuming all the dirt and water waste into powerful carpet cleaning machine.
  7. Deodorizing the carpet if required
  8. Applying Protection(optional) to help fight future soiling.

rug cleaning in blacktown

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